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This webpage contains information on how to copy Segway keys. If Segway LLC wants

this webpage deleted, please e-mail me by clicking here.



As I mentioned before, this webpage is about Segway keys and how to copy them.


          I have been looking for information about the hardware used, the code structure, the software used to read and write them, and so on. (Most of the information has been found in, it is an excellent webpage) It is really simple to copy or modify any of these keys, so anyone with some knowledge in computer programming and hexadecimal notation should be able to do it without problems.


          Here is what you will need to buy: (you can get everything on


·      DS1993L – 4 Kb NV RAM   ---   The Segway key is an iButton. Although the key code itself is just 16 bytes long, the Segway uses this type of key. Click here.

·      DS9093A   ---   This is a plastic in which you are going to put the iButton. Click here. (There are different mounting options here.

·      DS1402D-DR8   ---   This is the iButton reader. Click here.  **

·      DS9097U-009   ---   This is the adapter you will need to connect the reader to the computer. Click here.  **


** : There are also different options here, but be sure that the iButton reader is compatible with the adapter.



          Here is what you need to download:


                   TMEX Driver   ---   Click here.

                   iButton Copy Machine   ---   Click here.



One Time Only!!!


  1. Install the TMEX Driver.
  2. Connect the reader to the adapter and then the adapter to the computer.


Every time you copy a key!!!


  1. Use WinZip or other program like it to open the iButton Copy Machine file and then open the IBCOPMAC file.
  2. Click on the “Source” tab.
  3. Press the key firmly on the reader and click “Read Source iButton”. It should take about 15 seconds. You will hear a sound when the key has been read.
  4. Press the blank key firmly on the reader and then click “Write Destination iButton”. It should take about 15 seconds, and, again, you will hear a sound when ready.
  5. Congratulations!!! Your new key is ready!!!




Now, you can also modify a key to make it have different maximum speed and turning speed combinations (not above the red key speed!!! You will not make the Segway turn faster or achieve higher speeds when using 14.x software!!!).


The structure of the key is this (all in hexadecimal numbers):


CRC(HI)   CRC(LOW)   10   0C   **Next eight bytes are the key itself**   A3   **Max Speed**   00   **Max Turning Speed**


To make this easier, you can go to this website and it will make the code for you:


Instructions for this website:

·        Select “Key Tag” in the “Key Sequence” tab.

·        Write the number that is written in the tag that came attached to the keys.

·        Select the maximum speed and maximum turning speed.

·        Copy the code in the big text box.

·        Write that data to the iButton.